W’s genius demonstrated once again

I haven’t checked out Lucianne.com in the last day or so, but I’m sure some of the L-dotters are saying—since the thought has occurred even to me—that the electoral success of Hamas is proof that President Bush is a supernal genius. He knew all along—but, being the canniest poker player in the history of the world, didn’t let on—that if he pushed Israel to allow truly free and fair elections in the Palestinian territories and in Jerusalem, Hamas would win big and take over the Palestinian Authority. As a result, the world would no longer be able to go on pretending that the Palestinians only want to end Israeli occupation of the West Bank. Since Hamas stands so nakedly and forthrightly for the destruction of Israel, it would now be undeniable that this was the real position of the Palestinian people as a whole. The entire rationale for the peace process and the road map—which that genius Bush had really been against all along, he just didn’t let on—would be discredited forever. This in turn would liberate the Israelis to use decisive force against the Palestinians and end them as a threat to Israel once and for all.

Bush had this all planned out, you see. His ongoing assistance and friendship to the still-terrorist, still unreformed Palestinian Authority, his Secretary of State’s pushy demands that Israel hurry up and hand over more land to the PA, his continued funding of the PA, his welcoming of the Holocaust-denying PA leader to the White House, his administration’s insistence that Israel allow Palestinians to vote for Hamas candidates in Jerusalem—it was all part of a superhumanly clever plan to discredit and destroy the PA.

What a man!

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 27, 2006 09:40 PM | Send

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