Suffer not the little children to hear me speak without a teleprompter

James P. writes:

In one of the recent entries on Sarah Palin, Richard Hoste says:

“Also, let me say that I’m starting to wonder whether her IQ is even average after seeing what she wrote on her hand.”

What then is the IQ of a man who can’t even speak to children in elementary school without a teleprompter?


LA replies:

Standing there in an elementary school classroom flanked by teleprompters makes him look like an idiot. But it’s not as bad as it seems. He wasn’t making remarks to school children, but televised remarks to the public on the “Race to the Top” initiative, which bribes school districts to adopt federally written PC multicultural curricula in exchange for financial subsidies. So the substance of what he’s saying is far worse than the stupid way he looks while he’s saying it.

- end of initial entry -

A. Zarkov writes:

In my opinion if you cannot speak in public without crutches like teleprompters and hand notes, then you are out of your depth. I cannot understand why Palin would need to write something on her hand—can’t she remember a few words? Similarly Obama looks foolish dragging around teleprompters. I have watched him do interviews and he seems to be able to speak and answer questions without crutches. Why does he need teleprompters? Perhaps I expect too much.

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