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(UPDATE, 9 p.m.: Paul Nachman has found out for a fact that the sign is PhotoShopped. Well, even the best ideas have to start out as ideas, before they become reality. And the idea here is: the only way to be safe from Islamic jihad, whether in a restaurant or in a country, is to have no Muslims inside.)



Bill Carpenter writes:

Amusing, but rather like waving a red flag in front of a bull. I don’t want to read about barbecue joints being bombed.

A reader writes:

Nice. I have long harbored the suspicion that we could put an end to suicide bombers by making sure that the jihadists understand that the remains of the “martyrs” will be fed to pigs.

A reader writes:

Ohmg! Is this for real???

LA replies:

The reader who sent the photo to me did not know where the restaurant is located, but I suppose it could by found via Google.

It didn’t occur to me that the sign is not real, i.e., that it is some kind of PhotoShop job.

James P. writes:

Alas, the restaurant might not be very safe after all, as a certain violence-prone minority other than Muslims is quite avid for BBQ’d pork.

LA replies:

You’re taking it too literally. Obviously the sign is not suggesting safety from all kinds of violence. The sign is a gesture against Islam; it’s making a point which is identical what I’m always saying about the only way to end permanently the threat of Islamic terrorism in our country. But this is the problem that one runs into when making any shorthand statement such as that sign—there’s always going to be someone quibbling about the absence of qualifying language. If the requirement is that there must always be fully sufficient qualifying language in every statement, no short-hand statement could ever be made. Aphorisms and slogans would die out.

In any case, I don’t think that black people are known for making trouble in BBQ restaurants. To the contrary, they are good customers, enjoying themselves. Check out Dallas Barbeque in New York City sometime.

Dean Ericson writes:

Safest restaurant on earth?

Not once this photo comes to the attention of Muslims.

Dean Ericson writes:

The restaurant is in Asheville, North Carolina.

Oh, and here’s the Ashville mosque (or one of them).

LA replies:

Hmm, sounds like the frying pan before the leap into the fire. So how have the local Muslims reacted to the sign?

Realistically, one must say that this sign (assuming the photo is current), will probably be gone before the week is out.

LA continues:

I Googled

“Little Pigs BBQ” Muslims

and found a lot of blogs that have written about it, but no regular news sites. Which suggests, very surprisingly, that the sign has not set off a local controvery.

Dean Ericson writes:

I can’t imagine this is legit, it must be a photoshop. No sensible small business owner would commit business suicide by so publicly opposing the liberal regime—they’d make him pay, one way or the other. Expect the owners of Little Pigs barbecue to be issuing a statement shortly; it’s a photoshop, we love Muslims.

LA replies:

I tend to think you’re right. The absence of newspaper links in the first page of Google results I linked above strongly suggests that nothing has happened, there’s been no local controversy. Which means that the sign doesn’t exist, because such a sign would have set off a big controversy, especially as Muslims live in that town. Thus this is a purely blogosphere phenomenon, and VFR has been part of it.

But still, I like the principle of the thing. :-)

Paul K. writes:

I like the sign at the barbecue pit. If it makes Muslims feel unwelcome, so much the better. If America is seen as a less desirable destination than other locales for Muslims fleeing their native lands, it will be to our benefit.

I would not condone a sign like this directed at blacks, Jews, or any other group that has as much right to be here as any other. However, I do not feel that peoples who are in the process of colonizing and undermining us, such as Muslims and illegal aliens, need to be made to feel welcome. If our government will not act in the national interest, citizens must do what they can, within legal bounds.

I had much the same reaction to the news report a few years ago about a Texas farmer who began holding pig races on his property when he learned that there were plans to build a mosque next door. Hooray for him!

Paul Nachman writes:

Since Dean Ericson supplied the phone number, I tried it. The owner said, no, it was never on his sign. He’s had about 80 phone calls about it. He’d rather it weren’t there on the Internet but figures he can’t do anything about it. (I did let him know that I was enthusiastic about the Photoshopped version.) It’s a family-owned restaurant that’s been there since 1963.

Ken Hechtman, VFR’s Canadian leftist reader, writes:

It’s funny. My Muslim friends wouldn’t think so but I’m not them. It’s funny.

You want to get technical about it though, pork doesn’t have the magical Muslim-repelling powers you think it has. Alcohol does. The way one of my Muslim friends explained it to me, we could split a pizza, I could get pepperoni on my half, he could get green peppers on his and that would be fine because pork is only personal pollution. But if I ordered a beer with my pizza, he’d have to leave the room because alcohol is social pollution.

James H. writes:

I have often lamented the replacement of tobacco industry with hog farms in my native North Carolina.

But after seeing your photo of the anti-Islam sign at the barbecue joint, I have a new appreciation of

Hog farms. Luv-v-v that L’air du pig!

North Carolina had the answer all the while! It’s the pig, America! It’s the pig!

Buck O. writes:

Two guys out front waving to passing cars, both wearing pulled pork sandwich sandwich boards, one hog calling and the other yodeling. This gives me an idea …

James P. replies to LA:

You wrote,

“You’re taking it too literally.” (etc etc)

I know. I was kidding. Thought that was obvious, but I guess I should have included a smiley. =)

December 16, 2:20 p.m.

Maria P. writes:
Subject: Muslim BBQ Sign is REAL and in Alabama

It’s real:


Daily Mail:

I must say, your readers do not have very good news search skills. I found half a dozen stories on Google News just by searching on “Muslim BBQ sign”.

Maria P. continues:

PS—the store is not in North Carolina, and is not a BBQ restaurant, but is an electronics store in Alabama where the owner put up that sign.

See Daily Mail article link I sent you. .

LA replies:

No, we did not get it wrong. The Reuters article says:

Chuck Biddinger, owner of Electronic Repair Company put up the sign outside his East Lake, Alabama business. He says the billboard is a joke that he received in an e-mail.

What it sounds like is that someone sent him the same PhotoShopped photo of the Little Pigs BBQ in Asheville, North Carolina that I posted and that is all over the blogosphere. He liked the idea and put up a sign that looked like it:


But, as you also point out (though without indicating that it undercuts your main point), he does NOT own a BBQ restaurant. He owns the Electronic Repair Company. So his sign, though physically real, is an open fake. He has a BBQ sign in front of an electronics store.

It remains the case that the original supposed anti-Islam sign, in front of the Little Pigs BBQ in Asheville, does not exist. The restaurant told Paul Nachman last evening when he called them on the phone that the PhotoShopped version of their sign annoys them, but they haven’t done anything about it. So, with respect, to paraphrase what you said about some VFR commenters (and about me), it looks as though you do not have very good reading skills.

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