Kosovo—still the marches between Muslim and Christian Europe?

Ever since the U.S. intervened eight years ago in Serbia and Kosovo on behalf of the Albanians and then turned Kosovo into an international protectorate dominated by the Albanians, with the remaining Serbs forced to flee, Kosovo, the ancient heartland of Serbia, became in fact, though not in law, an Albanian province. Now, as reported by Serge Trifkovic, the international “community” (that same “community” that under U.S. leadership and without the slightest shred of a legal justification launched a war against Serbia on March 24, 1999, setting off the disaster that is still unresolved to this day), wants to detach Kosovo from Serbia legally as well as in fact. But the international “community” has run into some problems. One, the “community” has no legal basis on which to take Kosovo away from Serbia, having previously recognized Kosovo as an organic part of Serbia. Two, the Serbian prime minister, Vojislav Kostunica, won’t help out the “community” by going along with the charade. And three, the only people being oppressed this time are the Serbs, so that the “community” doesn’t have the pretext of a Serbian “genocide” of Albanians to help it get around the law and punish Serbia, as it did in 1999. As a result, the “community” is stuck. It and its thuggish Albanian clients physically control Kosovo, but it has no way of transferring sovereign authority over Kosovo to the Albanians, devoutly as it wishes that consummation.

Trifkovic adds in a note: “One day Kostunica will be recognized as the man who stopped jihad’s further spread into Europe from the south-east, and did so in spite of the ‘international community’”…

(For a capsule summary of the 1999 Kosovo conflict, see the opening paragraphs of this article.)

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David H. writes:

I have been thankful for your insight and your analyses before, but never so much as for your current article about Kosovo. God bless you for telling the truth. Perhaps someday the Serbian people (not the monster Milosevic, who they were forced to follow out of fear of the sharia-embracing Izetbegovic and the foreign mujahideen who invaded their nation) shall be thanked and supported; hopefully it will not be too late. Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia will be the staging ground for the future jihad wars in Europe. And the years of 2000 mirror the 1450s.

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