The liberals bring out the long knives against Rice

Roger Cohen of the New York Times basically blasts Susan Rice. L-dotters suggest that Obama never intended to nominate her, but used her as a ploy so that Republicans would be happy with him for nominating Kerry instead. That seems unlikely. Some people are addicted to the view that every apparent screw-up by a political leader is really the manifestation of a deeply thought-out, deceptive plan. Thus the L-dotters insisted that every leftward move by their god George W. Bush was “really” part of an incredibly involved, Machiavellian strategy to advance conservatism.

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James P. writes:

Roger Cohen says in the New York Times:

Susan Rice is certainly capable and tough. One person who has spent a lot of time with Rice is struck by her “bristling certitude.” A former U.S. ambassador told me, “Rice does not know how to be unblunt.” But it is her judgment at critical moments—as displayed on whether to reopen the Sudan embassy or in her handling of the talking points on the killing of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans—that troubles me.

Sounds like something you’ve quoted before: toxic levels of self-esteem mixed with manifest incompetence and lack of any doubt or fear of failure.

M. Jose writes:

I don’t think that this was the strategy, but if Obama is smart, he will wait until the last minute and then nominate someone else other than Rice - that way he can get the Republicans all upset over an issue and then pul it out from under them, thus draining resources from other fights.

However, I don’t know that Obama is any good at tall in strategic thinking. I think he prefers just trying to steamroll over everyone to get his own way. I would not be surprised if he recess nominates Ms. Rice.

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