The Taliban know what they’re about; do we know what we’re about?

Josh W. writes:

Regarding your post on the continuing murders of Western troops by their Afghan supposed allies, I just read this article on CNN and there is quite an assortment of quotes from various official parties. Sarkozy’s observation that “The French army is not in Afghanistan to be shot at by Afghan soldiers” is nice, but of course he doesn’t identify for what purpose the French Army (and other Western militaries) is in Afghanistan. This is probably because the intended outcome can’t be articulated beyond the nebulous concept of “stability.”

Interestingly, the only completely clear statement consistent with reality came from the Taliban itself:

“This was the latest attack by those sensible and zealous Afghans who have entered the enemy’s army and it was also the best one so far as it killed more soldiers than any other such attacks before.”

Duh. It’s in plain English and makes perfect sense. We are being attacked because we are their enemy—the corollary being, of course, that THEY are OUR enemy. Am I the only one who is disturbed by the fact that the Taliban’s spokespeople make more sense than our own? What is the matter with us?

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 20, 2012 12:34 PM | Send

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