White gang unleashes “Hallelujah” chorus on unsuspecting shopping mall

Dale F. writes:

Here is an instance of the all-too-common havoc that white people create in public places.


Irv P. writes:


Paul Weston writes:


E. writes:

Terrific and refreshing, whew the title was scary

Kidist Paulos Asrat writes:

This is a mall in Ontario, from the Youtube information! Welland, Ontario, which is south of Niagara Falls and near Buffalo. I recognized a “lotto”—lottery tickets—sign flash briefly—in French (i.e. Quebec French) and English. There’s a man wearing the poppy for Remembrance Day. And New York Fries is a Canadian franchise, I’ve never seen it in the U.S. Also the mall’s food court is of a generic “nice neighborhood” style with the blue chairs, yellow walls, potted plants, and natural light from ceiling windows. A pleasant place. Notice that there is hardly any “multi-culti” presence. This is usually the case with small towns in Ontario. A stark difference from Toronto.

Glynn Custred writes:

They should all be tried for committing a hate crime.

Karl D. writes:

Brought a tear to my eye. Things like that say more then any blog, book or lecture can as to why Western culture must not perish from the earth. Is there ANYTHING in Islam that can beat that simple moment, in a shopping mall food court, in nowhere Canada? It makes one realize how high the stakes truly are. Happy Thanksgiving all.

Paul Nachman writes:

Brenda Walker wrote about this a couple of weeks ago. Probably less spontaneous than in the Ontario food court, but still plenty of that. Note the fair number of nonwhites enthusiastically participating. My favorite few seconds start at about 4:25, with someone “conducting” from over a balcony a few floors above.

Unbudgeable atheist though I am, I’m in tears when watching these. Same with what I consider the highlight of the Messiah, The Trumpet Shall Sound. Those words, “the dead shall be raised, incorruptible.” Whoo. I can barely type this.

Last night I found a Youtube with a Korean orchestra performing The Trumpet Shall Sound. Ah, here it is. The several nasty comments immediately below the video strike me as insufferable.

Coldsteel writes:

Deeply disturbing. Such thuggery must not go unpunished!

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