Powerline discovers yet another Bush/Podhoretz superlative

Scott of Powerline writes:

A friend whose opinion I greatly esteem points out that Rick Richman’s review of Norman Podhoretz’s World War IV may be the best review ever written of a Podhoretz book. Whether it is or not, Rick’s thoughtful review will deepen your understanding of Podhoretz’s important new book.

Wow—the best review ever written of a Norman Podhoretz book. This is a whole new category I never thought of. There are your average reviews of a Podhoretz book, and your good reviews of a Podhoretz book, and your very good ones, and your excellent ones, and then, topping them all, there is the best all-time one ever. Since Podhoretz is the Pope of the Neocons, writing the best review ever of a Podhoretz book gets one as close to His Holiness as it is possible for an ordinary believer to be.

John, Paul, and Scott don’t call their website “Powerline” for nothing. The main thing for them is closeness to the people in power, particularly the leaders of the Bushist-Podhoretzist establishment. But what is more hilarious than their sycophancy is their utter unconsciousness of it.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at September 14, 2007 03:50 PM | Send

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