My neocon problem, and ours

(1-24-10: My article on Abrams’s proposal on Haiti has been posted.)

Speaking of typically Jewish attitudes that just happen to be ridiculous, moronic, and destructive, in this case, the Jewish passion for wide-open Third World immigration, check out neocon Elliott Abrams’s column in the Washington Post in which he argues that America should open its doors to Haitian immigrants, on the order of million of them. He doesn’t use that number, but if you read him carefully you’ll see that that’s what he’s saying. I’ll have a response to the Abrams column tonight or tomorrow.

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Garrick writes:

Disgusting and demented. We have enough Third World leaf blowers here. I’m Jewish and disagree completely with Abrams. So much for what all these libs (and neo-libs) say about moving to a knowledge based economy. Bringing in more Third Worlders doesn’t help that and their U.S. born children are no great asset to America. Haiti is the Somalia of the Caribbean and Somalian immigrants are a plague in Europe and Canada, not just America

Netanyahu came out the other day against illegal immigration. Seems tons of Africans have been sneaking in and certain interests like the idea such as the textile indusatry Bibi denounced this saying it would destroy Israel’s Jewish character.

How about Haitians and other Third Worlders destroying America’s national character?

The Friendly Grizzly writes:

I want to go on record as one (of many) Jew who is NOT AT ALL in favor of unrestricted immigration.

I believe the attitude of some of the Jewish community is a holdover from the times of restricted immigration when our people were not exactly tops on the Hit Parade with the American people.

As for that disgusting piece of work Abraham Foxman, he is not a leader of the Jews. He is leader of an organization with a small percentage of Jews as members. He is my leader about as much as Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson is a leader of blacks who don’t make excuses.

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