Fanatical open-borders proponent going down

This is from the transcript of remarks by John McCain’s campaign manager Terry Nelson in a conference call today, posted at the Corner:

The campaign has also witnessed, as the American people have, his resolve first-hand over the last month-and-a-half as he stuck with his principles, did not pander, and worked to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

While this decision was the right decision for our country it also affected the campaign’s ability to raise money….

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Let us remember that McCain has been not only an extreme proponent of open borders,—so extreme that he said that debate and discussion should be shut down in order to pass the open-borders bill—he’s also the guy who said that American identity is defined by the belief that America has no common culture and that such a country is superior to a country that does have a common culture. Meanwhile Jonah Goldberg (of all people) said today not only that America has a culture but that America has the right to be concerned about the effects that immigrants from other cultures have on our culture.

Issues that for many years have been discussed only at the margins are suddenly entering the mainstream and being clarified. It is a remarkable thing to see happening.

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Gintas writes:

Keep the good news stories coming, but I’m not going to get too excited. I wouldn’t be surprised if a new open-borders bill comes out next week, or they try to bypass the legislature via entrenched bureaucrats and judges.

But don’t you love the politician-speak? His resolve. He stuck to his principles. He did not pander. Let’s just hope he gets flushed out of the system completely. Can’t Arizonans see first-hand what he means? I’m not too optimistic about that, look at how deeply that tick Ted Kennedy has his head buried in the body politic.

LA replies:

Of course, the developments I’m noting and applauding now may be reversed or come to nothing. Maybe the people I’ve been quoting will take it all back in two weeks. But when things start to move so dramatically in the direction I’ve been calling for them to move in for years, then I’ve got to acknowledge and celebrate it.

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