Rejecting one Obama lie while embracing another

Dan Hill, who has a business called Sensory Logic, wrote an article at Fox entitled, “Now It’s Obama Who Is ‘Bitter’ and Clinging to Something.” I sent him an e-mail about it:

Dan Hill
Sensory Logic

Dear Mr. Hill,

In your article at the Fox News site, you say it’s not the economy, as Obama claims, but Obama’s poor communications skills and poor empathy, that resulted in the Democratic losses. You seem not to have noticed that Obama has had two dishonest excuses for the Democratic losses: the poor economy, and his poor communications skills. So all your article comes down to is that you are rejecting one Obama lie while you’re promoting the other.

The argument is not, as you pretend, between “The poor economy caused the Democratic defeat,” and “Obama’s poor communication skills caused the Democratic defeat.” No. The argument is between Obama’s lie, that the poor economy and his poor communication skills caused the Democratic defeat, and the truth, which is that the voters’ rejection of Obama’s radical legislative program caused the Democratic defeat. The last statement is the truth that Obama and all Democrats have been denying. And you also are denying it, or at least ignoring it. Thus, in the very act of supposedly criticizing Obama, you are actually assisting him in covering up the truth about the election.

Lawrence Auster

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