Jihad’s future prospects—and ours

Peter G. writes:

This spectacle of liberal extremism has stepped up to a new and previously (on my part) unexpected level. I doubt that even a nuclear attack will prompt acknowledgment. As you’ve stated before, liberalism’s emphasis on the individual will intellectually contour all considerations. Any identification outside of that category is now effectively forbidden, to the point where merely noticing out of shock or surprise privileged identities will result in some form of banishment.

Provocative weakness, imagine the derision the West is perceived with. One thing about bullies, they relish in the power of intimidating the weak into denying their own victimization. Is there any level of massacre of innocents that you foresee a mea culpa, remorse, regret? That’s a sincere question Larry, from this point forward soundness of mind might be a factor for consideration.

What bodes for a civilization where all moral presumptions and considerations have been evacuated from the public sphere? A vacuous dead zone allowing evil to migrate through unattenuated.

LA replies:

Your phrase, “this spectacle of liberal extremism has stepped up to a new and previously (on my part) unexpected level,” describes my experience of what has happened.

In answer to your question, one way of looking at this is that we are now, with various qualifications, as far gone as the British. Meaning that it is now the case that no atrocity or attack will make people see who is making the attack happen. If a group called Muslim Jihad Warriors to Destroy the West set off a nuclear bomb and destroyed a city, Bob Schieffer would interview Lindsey Graham and Graham would say in his stupid sentimental voice, “Muslims have served in our armed forces, and some have died. These are good people,” and Schieffer would add that of course Christians have done all kinds of terrible things, and they would both agree that it’s crazy to blame Muslims for this, that such thoughts have no place in America.

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Michael S. writes:

This is how souls end up in hell. Some people would rather perish than admit they were wrong.

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