Zimmerman’s new attorney

George Zimmerman must have lost his mind (but who can blame him?). Not only has he incomprehensibly dumped his competent and forceful attorney Hal Uhrig who knew the case inside out, but he has replaced him with a jejune bumbler named Mark O’Mara who today gave a broadcast interview admitting he knows nothing about the case except what he’s heard in the media (so why give an interview at all?), and who says, “That type of crime [second-degree murder] suggests that he did something truly unlawful.”

Being defended in a murder case by Mark O’Mara is like having the flagship magazine of conservatism edited by Rich Lowry. You’ve already lost.

Mark%20O%27Mara.png Rich%20Lowry.jpg
Mark O’Mara—the Rich Lowry of criminal defense attorneys?

Posted by Lawrence Auster at April 11, 2012 10:19 PM | Send

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