Conservatives’ sadism toward John Edwards

This morning I sent this e-mail to Doug Powers:

Dear Mr. Powers,

I’ve always liked your blog columns at Michelle Malkin’s site. Your writing is steady and sensible and without cheap shots. But I must protest your mocking, sadistic treatment of John Edwards concerning his request for a delay in his trial. And your commenters are worse.

I am not speaking as an Edwards supporter. I have always had a very low opinion of him, from the moment he appeared on the national scene in the late ’90s as a U.S. senator. From the start I saw him as a complete phony. And of course he destroyed his reputation with his adultery and his incredible, public lies about it, climaxing in his denial on ABC that the child was his, a lie that everyone knew was a lie the moment he uttered it.

But the federal prosecution of him for getting money from wealthy friends in order to take care of his pregnant mistress and their child, and to hide their existence from his wife, is just wrong. This was not an abuse of campaign laws, or it is one only by an extremely strained interpretation of the law. His indictment was a shocking instance of prosecutorial overreach. This trial is a terrible injustice. To mock and ridicule him over his desire to delay this terrible injustice and his fear of going to prison shows a partisan hatefulness in which, because someone is a Democrat, you just tear him down as much as possible, regardless of right and wrong, regardless of humanity.

Your mocking treatment of a man facing prison for a non-crime is beneath you.


Lawrence Auster

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Paul Nachman writes:

From what I’ve previously heard, I approve your message . Mark Levin, on his radio show, spoke strongly against the Edwards indictment, with the same intent as yours.

The article Powers quotes, notably, concludes with an unsourced statement of fact by the reporter, which is a rarity. Apparently the reporter was at the hearing and felt bold enough to trust his own eyes.

Despite disliking the content of what Powers wrote, I think his line about a lawyer chasing his own ambulance is fairly droll.

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