Again explaining why repealing Obamacare is the transcendent issue in this election

Beth M. writes:

I’m curious as to why you think that stopping Obamacare is MORE critical to the USA than preventing Amnesty Deux. I think that if there is another amnesty, everybody in the world will think that this is their last decent chance to get a U.S. visa for at least 30 years. Because there is widespread knowledge that there was massive fraud last time around (phony rent receipts, etc., to “prove” you lived here for X amount of time, etc.), there will be breathtaking levels of fraud for Amnesty II, and the number of people applying for amnesty visas will be beyond reckoning.

If either Gingrich or Romney is elected, it is a certainty that he will try to Hispander his way to re-election with an amnesty. Of course, the illegals won’t actually vote Republican once they are legalized, but Republican politicians never seem to figure that out.

Fifty million impoverished, uneducated people could end up with legal status under a Republican president. We are already swamped with dysfunctional immigrants—fifty million more could be the absolute end of the country. The nightmare scenario, of course, would be for Obamacare to survive AND for amnesty to go through. Every person in the world with a serious illness would be buying a plane ticket for New York.

LA replies:

I am concerned by the apparent inability of many conservatives to see the difference between fundamentally different things, to tell the difference between what is essential and non-essential at this political moment. It seems to have escaped the notice of many that Obamacare has already been passed, and that only its total repeal, by 2013, can prevent its permanent institutionalization and a huge, unprecedented, nightmarish loss of freedom in our society.

The last amnesty was in 1986, and amnesty was stopped in 2006 and 2007 by massive popular opposition against a Republican president. We don’t even know that Gingrich or Romney would push for amnesty, and if they did, as has been pointed out before, they are not fanatical on the subject as Bush was. If Bush was stopped, a Gingrich or a Romney could certainly be stopped.

I would go further and say that amnesty has become a quasi third rail in American politics. Even the leftist anti-American Democrat Obama has made no moves in that direction during his three years in office, and will certainly not attempt to do so in this election year. Every effort by Republicans politicians to approach the issue has to be concealed by fig leaves that are always transparent to the Republican base, so the politicians can’t get away with it.

I again frankly express my astonishment at a thought process which says that a bill that currently does not exist and may never exist, and which has been repeatedly defeated by popular outcry when the same idea was proposed in the past, is as grave a threat to the country as a bill that has already been voted and signed into law and is coming into effect even as we speak.

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