Separationist solution to Islam threat promoted by Jihad Watch contributor

Nicolai Sennels, whose byline I haven’t seen before, writes at Jihad Watch about the five-stage growth of Muslim-controlled areas in European and other non-Muslim countries, culminating in more or less permanent Muslim violence or threats of violence to get Islamic demands fulfilled.

He continues:

A few reasonable solutions:

- Immigration from non-Western countries must be stopped.

- Illegal immigration must be punished with prison and fine.

- Repatriation (state-paid emigration and resettlement) should be offered to all immigrants from non-Western countries.

- Islamization must be stopped, in order to make resident Islamic supremacists feel “homesick” and to counter development of Islamic areas and values in our societies.

- The crushing power of secular law, secular police and secular Justice must be enforced in order to—by all means—reinstate law and order in lawless areas.

- All who are voluntarily involved in the use of Sharia courts and honour-related crimes must be punished.

- Lack of will or ability to integrate must be made so unpractical and economically non-beneficial that repatriation will be the only tempting offer (immigrants should: pay for their own interpreters; earn their right to free medical care, education, social benefits, etc.; pay for special education for their children if they as parents cannot speak the language, and thereby support their childrens’ schooling, etc.).

- Immigrants should only be offered citizenship if at least one of their parents have citizenship. They can stay as long as they can support themselves and obey the law, but we have enough citizens already.

- Refugees should be offered safety, food and medical care in refugee camps close to their home country. A Western level of living standard in Western countries for refugees is far too expensive and not necessary.

What I mean by the separationist solution is that Islam must be permanently separated from the West, by stopping all Muslim immigration into the West, and by getting all observant Muslims so return to the Dar al Islam either voluntarily or by coercive means.

Sennel’s plank which set off the most discussion among JW’s commenters was “Immigration from non-Western countries must be stopped.” Most of them disagreed.

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Daniel S. writes:

You wrote:

Sennel’s plank which set off the most discussion among JW’s commenters was “Immigration from non-Western countries must be stopped.” Most of them disagreed.

Unfortunately most of these folks are so swamped in liberalism that they think that mass Third World immigration is swell, with only Muslims being excluded for not being egalitarian or liberal enough. They want to carry on the program of multiculturalism nevertheless. Mass violence by Mexican immigrants and the Hispanization of the southwest U.S. is ignored, as is the recent outbreak of rioting and mayhem unleashed by Jamaican immigrants and their offspring in Britain. They refuse to allow the ethnic survival of whites in their own native lands; instead we must continue allowing the masses of Africa, East Asia, and Latin America into the West, just not the Muslims.

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