Egalitarians for elitism

It’s not just that if Elena Kagan is confirmed, we will have a U.S. Supreme Court without a single Protestant member; it is that we will have a Supreme Court without a single member who did not attend Harvard or Yale law school. Christopher Edley, dean of Boalt Law School at the University of California at Berkeley and formerly a professor at Harvard law, thinks this is fine, one, because Harvard and Yale law schools are much more diverse than they used to be, and, two, because the graduates of those schools really are the best and you can’t go wrong if you pick one of them. This is the same Christopher Edley of the Clinton administration who is an avid proponent of racial preferences for nonwhites. The same liberals who will call you a racist if you refer to the fact that human beings differ very markedly in their abilities, are unabashed in promoting a superior class of humans when it serves their purposes.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 17, 2010 09:22 AM | Send

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