The terrible truth, without buffers

In response to the entry, “Will conservatives abide in the terrible truth, or revert to their standard optimism?”, Virgil C. writes:

I’m with Oswald Spengler on this one: Optimism is cowardice.

Had armored Soviet columns rolled from California to Virginia during the Carter administration, the subjugation and humiliation of America could not have been greater that it is now. The Soviets did not despise the American population, and however they may have been debased under Marxism, the Russians were not the feculent wretches that in the US now occupy every important cultural and political command post.

We can no more recreate European America than Augustine could have repulsed the Vandals. The country of Washington and Madison and the culture of old Europe are as dead to the modern American as the Rome of Cicero and Augustus was to the medieval peasant who grazed his herds in the ruins of the Forum. That peasant did not have penicillin or electricity, but he had this advantage: he was not forced constantly to smell the entrails of the misbegotten souls of white leftists and their howling clientele.

Only dreamers and fools can believe the country will rally. There will be no triumphs for us. The final unanswered question is how long this monstrous drama will continue.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 10, 2012 12:44 PM | Send

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