Geller on Muslims’ failure to assimilate

Daniel S. writes:

Anti-jihad activist Pamela Geller has penned an article devoted to the topics of the failure of Muslim assimilation (though she goes off on a tangent about Muslims faking hate crimes) and how the refusal to acknowledge this failure by the government places Americans in danger (and she is right on both accounts). The is that Geller never tells us what is to be done if we are to acknowledge the impossibility of Muslim assimilation. If assimilation is an abject failure (and it is), then the only recourse is to end and reverse Muslim immigration into Western countries. Geller never even gets close to touching the options of what is to be done in the face of Muslims’ demonstrated inability and refusal to assimilate. I only mention all of this because Geller has been elected Jihadwatch’s “Anti-Dhimmi of the Year” and think that at this point more should be expected out of her.

LA replies:

Given that Geller and Robert Spencer are such close anti-jihad partners, including having started two anti-jihad organizations together and hosting two anti-jihad demonstrations together, and constantly presenting themselves to the public as an anti-jihad movement à deux, for Robert Spencer’s website Jihad Watch to choose Geller as Anti-Dhimmi of the Year would be like Jihad Watch choosing Robert Spencer as Anti-Dhimmi of the Year. It would be like Brent Tarleton (in Gone with the Wind) inaugurating the Southerner of the Year award and giving the first annual award to his twin brother Stuart.

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