VFR is up again

Since about 3 a.m. last night the main page and the entries are online (except perhaps for users of Firefox 4 and IE 8—see below). Functionality is not yet 100 percent on the editor’s side, but it’s getting there.

Many thanks (inexpressible thanks) to reader Alan M., who works in the Internet field and volunteered to do this. At first we thought of upgrading the Movable Type blogging software on which VFR runs, from its present, older version to the newest version. This was what my previous hosting service said I must do. My existing MT version drew on too many server resources at the host, which was the cause of the problems the site has recently had. However, Alan had the care and foresight not simply to jump into the upgrade. As an experiment, he installed VFR at his own site and then upgraded the Movable Type to see how the upgrade worked. In fact, it presented numerous undesirable issues. So we decided to keep my currently installed version of Movable Type and just move VFR to a different hosting service which assured us that it would have no problem with VFR running on that version.

I may switch at some point to another blogging platform, such as WordPress, but that would represent a huge job of redesigning the entire site which I have no particular desire to do at this point. Now that VFR is working again, I will have the time to consider various long-term options at leisure.

UPDATE: A reader who uses Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 8 has not been able to load VFR but still gets the error page. Alan M. tells me that this is because not all the settings have propagated from the previous hosting service to the new one. It could take another 12 hours for the problem to clear up for everyone.

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Texanne V. writes:

This is reassuring news—for a while there I was worried that you might have become a victim of the Los Angeles City Council!

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