The fate of Christians in the freedom-loving (according to Bush, Obama, neocons, mainstream conservatives, and liberals) Dar al Islam

Daniel S. writes:

While leftists in the media, government, and academia constantly harp about “Islamophobia,” and liberal Catholic bishops boast of their respect for radical Muslim leaders, it is Christians in the Muslim world that remain the subject of never-ending hatred, threats, and violence from Muslims. Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian, remains in prison this Christmas, sentenced to death for blasphemy, the world indifferent to her fate, aside from empty, toothless token condemnations (she is not a cool, trendy liberal political dissident that Hillary Clinton and CNN can rally around). Midnight Mass services in Baghdad have been canceled due to threats from Muslim militants, and Catholics in Indonesia have received similar threats.

Raymond Ibrahim has compiled a list of the numerous attacks and murders of Christians across the Muslim world over the past few weeks.

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