I’ve been no fan of Clint Eastwood’s for decades, ever since he turned liberal, and in particular ever since he made the vile 1992 movie The Unforgiven. (See also VFR’s discussion about Eastwood’s vilely anti-American movies about World War II.) But I thought his odd and surprising performance, in which he pretended to speak to Obama sitting in an empty chair at his side, was original and creative. I found it fascinating.

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Roger G. writes:

Eastwood’s speech certainly wasn’t the worst thing at this flatulence festival.

September 2

Andrew E. writes:

I too saw Eastwood’s speech last night and enjoyed it. I’d given up on Eastwood in recent decades but I love his pre-’90s work. I thought at times in his presentation he came across as angry and disgusted with Obama, it was very pleasing to see. The Marxists on MSNBC didn’t know what to make of such a broadside against their leader except to dismiss it without further comment. He was Bronco Billy mixed with a little Dirty Harry. Good for him.

Andrea C. writes:

A commenter at The Blaze wrote: Nice use of a metaphor—an empty chair standing in for an empty suit.

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