What’s wrong with white men?

Marco Jawsario writes:

I am amazed and dismayed at the lot which has befallen the young white men of our time. No doubt, PC indoctrination has made their row more difficult to hoe when it comes to finding suitable traditionalist women, but not impossible. I hope this will be a lengthy discourse and will offer some useful insights to the readership. Because if we don’t figure out ways to uplift and inspire our young white men out of their self-induced tailspin, then it truly is all over for our civilization, and we had better start thinking about living in Poland or Russia.

Let me first say the young men of today are so whipped into pussy willows they actually are afraid to admire attractive women they pass on the street. Now, to me, Marco Jawsario, the self-fancied Jewish Ricardo Montalban of VFR, this cannot be endured. Women are to be admired, and when appropriate, are to be offered those pleasing little compliments which they ALWAYS find acceptable. There is not a day that goes by in which I do not compliment a woman, particularly a middle-aged woman, and even take her hand and give it a gentle kiss—just to let them know that confident and dashing caballeros still walk this planet. And I have done this to women of all backgrounds. NEVER ONCE have I been rebuked. Not once.

On the other hand, back in the summer of 2007 I noticed that when I occasionally looked out my office window, young men on the street were walking by gorgeous, well-dressed women without even batting an eye. To this New York City boy, a contemporary of John Travolta and Howard Stern, that was incomprehensible.

I decided to conduct an experiment over the course of a few months. During my lunch time I kept track of “rubbernecking opportunities” provided to young men under age 40 as they passed very attractive women. Of 100 opportunities, only six men turned around to admire God’s greatest creation. Of the six who did doubletakes, one was black, one was Hispanic, and the other either south Asian or middle Eastern. Only three young white men out of perhaps 75 or 80 turned their heads to look at very attractive women. A few of these 75 or so pip squeaks happened to work in my division. When I told them of the experiment I was conducting, and asked them why they had not done what any red-blooded white man would have done 30 years earlier, they all said, “I did not want to be accused of sexual harassment.” I challenged them immediately and told them to analyze their fears. “You pass a woman on the street, you turn to admire her figure, and somehow she is to know about it and complain about it. To whom? And with what charges?” Of course they could not answer, but this little vignette illustrates the illogical and irrational extent to which PC indoctrination has impacted this generation of young men.

I, on the other hand, take EVERY OPPORTUNITY, to do doubletakes, and I don’t give a hoot who sees me doing it. Once, a young, truly “wise Latina” co-worker of mine caught me eyeballing an attractive woman on the DC Metro, and she half-jokingly remarked later at work that I was a “dirty old man.” Within two minutes of explaining to her my mission in life, I had her thinking my way, and she even admitted that she wished men would offer her compliments.

So, the first step in re-establishing white male confidence, is to reclaim our birthright to openly admire female passersby.

End of Lesson One.

LA replies:

I agree with Mr. Jawsario that it’s natural and normal for a man to turn around and gaze admiringly at an attractive woman walking down the street. I also remind him of my point that the excessively revealing dress of women today actually suppresses normal male responses and even makes men systematically avoid looking at women.

I discuss this self-emasculation of men, brought on by female empowerment, in A theory of Viagra.

- end of initial entry -

Aaron S. writes:

Cheers to Mr. Jawsario.

His experiment reminded me that Orson Welles once did this for a film, the marvelous “F for Fake”. In this film, Welles starts by having his strikingly beautiful then-mistress walk down some Italian streets. He films men’s reactions from a distance, and the results are quite humorous. One could say that there is even something a bit prurient in the whole thing.

But here’s the catch: this is the starting point for a cinematic discourse on aesthetics, centering on the issues of authenticity, fakery, frauds. As he moves through cases of deceit, art forgery, and the like, one is given the impression that Welles is embracing a kind of postmodernism or nihilism: deception in presentation means there is no up or down. By the end of the film, however, something striking happens: Welles performs a soliloquy on the grandeur of an anonymously-engineered gothic cathedral, suggesting that our initial misgivings were misplaced: beauty is real, despite the presence of deception. …and by implication, even the lowly, leering gaze—despite its merely reflexive quality—exists for the sake of things true and enduring.

Just try making sense of such things with “game”!

Marco Jawsario replies to LA:

Since I have an agenda—which is to declare independence from femininst-dictated behavior—I look at the lass no matter how scantily clad she may be. Furthermore, when in close contact with the occasional female at work who has worn a blouse too revealing, I take the innocuous offensive. I usually say, “I was admiring that dress which you almost don’t have on, and while I enjoy the view which it provides, it may be a tad too provocative for some of us, who are after all paid to work, and not contemplate on the very great pleasure a pair of fine… ” (I pause here, look at her breasts) …”eyes may bestow.”

The secret with saying anything is saying it in a manner that is articulate and non-threatening. I let women know that when they wear outfits that are too revealing, I am going to gaze fondly upon their attributes—by simply gazing upon their attributes. Under no circumstances, will I allow myself to be emasculated. It is like jumping from an airplane, which I did in the Army for several years. As frightening as it may be to exit the aircraft at 2000 feet off the ground at an airspeed of 120 knots, to refuse to go out the door would be far worse and bring unbearable results.

To be afraid to act like a healthy and virile man in the presence of an attractive woman, should be unconscionable to any man with a testosterone account over one.

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