Prince Charles says rioters were making “cry for help”

Like the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, Prince Charles is an incarnation of human decadence, an embodiment of the beliefs and forces destroying Britain. The Daily Mail reports:

Youths who join gangs are making a ‘cry for help’ because they lack a ‘sense of belonging’, Prince Charles sensationally said today as he met families whose lives were devastated by the riots.

Incredibly, the Prince of Wales put the criminal actions of looters and rioters down to an excess of youthful ‘energy and natural aggression’ that just needs to be channelled in a constructive way….

The heir to the throne made the comments after he and his wife, Camilla, visited a leisure centre in Tottenham, north London, which was offering shelter and advice to riot victims.

He said: ‘I still think half the problem is that people join gangs because it’s a cry for help. They are looking for a framework, a sense of belonging and meaning.’

This is further support for my idea that the Windsors have become unsuited to the throne of Great Britain and should be removed, replaced by some other branch of the family that is not so decadent and will support Britain’s existence instead of undermining it. Just as the Catholic James II was forced off the throne by the Parliament in 1688 and replaced by his Protestant daughter because his convictions and actions were unremittingly hostile to the then-existing English regime, the entire Windsor family should be removed because they are hopelessly decadent and in favor of the factors destroying Britain.

Look at it this way. If, as many conservatives believe, Britain’s police and judicial hierarchy must be sacked because they are thoroughly leftist and PC and automatically side with criminals and jihadists against society, the same applies to the current Royals. Get rid of them. I mean it. I urge British patriots to start thinking of ways to replace the Windsors. It’s been done before, when the Monarchy had much more power than it has now; it can be done again.

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Paul K. writes:

Now we know what Charles was saying to Camilla when their limo was attacked by a mob in December 2010: “Calm down, dear, it’s just a cry for help.”


LA replies:

Except that he doesn’t look so calm himself, does he?

Christopher B. writes from England:

Elizabeth II is queen of 15 countries. The UK Parliament or people getting rid of the Windsors does not automatically mean that the Windsors are kicked off their other thrones. Perhaps Charles could continue to be King of places like Antigua and Barbuda, and we could have another monarch of a different dynasty in the UK!

LA replies:

That sounds about right. Let him be king of nonwhite countries he likes, and where he can’t do any harm, instead of a white country he regards with the queasy discomfort and disdain of a politically correct aristocrat looking down his nose at the dirty masses.

JC in Houston writes:

I recently finished reading the “Diana Chronicles” by Tina Brown. The whole Royal Family comes off as one huge dysfunctional clan who in many ways are idle parasites. Charles comes across as a degenerate fop who seems to have no sense of tradition or duty. Maybe it’s time, as you suggest, to find a more, well, decent family to occupy the throne.

Daniel S. writes:

Sadly, Prince Charles is the manifestation of the self-loathing and self-destruction that is the ruling class in modern Britain. He is truly a hollow man, a man who stands for nothing and is only capable of sputtering on with meaningless liberal platitudes. As despicable and spineless as Prince Charles is, he is but a symptom of a much deeper problem in Britain and the wider West, as described by Mark Hackard (I cite Mr. Hackard often because I find him to be one of the few traditionalist writers who truly understands the roots of the Western man’s crisis):

The decadence on display in Europe reveals not only its multiple symptoms, but an array of tools used to enslave a people. All of this is overwhelming to behold at first: the mediocre farce of the democratic polity, the pervasive doctrines of multiculturalism, the fantasy of total autonomy coupled with welfare-state socialism, and everywhere transgression in the sacred name of desire. The tribes of Europa are told to forget their past, reject their faith and ethnic identity, and their very place in the Cosmos. “Place no hope in the future,” they are commanded, “for your replacements have arrived.” The grand liberation our masters have enacted is only a means of control that leads to the death of individuals and cultures. The only option for survival is spiritual resistance.

Prince Charles is merely another post-Christian, post-British liberal, though one unfortunately who occupies a highly significant and symbolic position. As Mr. Auster noted, he must be removed and replaced by someone who will fulfill the duties and responsibilities that his station demand of him. The monarchy must be restored to fulfill its true purpose.

LA replies:

You’ve recommended Hackard before, I haven’t read him yet, and I should. Most importantly, I see that he includes in his traditional conservative critique a concern about the threatened ethnic identity of Europeans, a question that is inseparable from the threatened racial make-up of Europe. As we all understand, that is extremely rare.

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