At the Olympics, officially facilitated free sex

Buck writing at The Thinking Housewife brings to light this edifying story from

When Australian BMX cyclist Caroline Buchanan tweeted a photograph of a bucketful of condoms, she was joking about the widely circulated rumor that the Olympic village becomes a hot-bed of activity.

The picture, featuring a bucket with a sign read “Kangaroos condoms, for the gland downunder” has prompted London 2012 to start investigating how the condoms made their way into the village without any official consent, the Guardian reported.

According to Radio Netherlands, Durex is the official prophylactic supplier of the 2012 Olympic Games, and the organizers are a bit controlling about which brands can be promoted during the Olympics—non-sponsors aren’t allowed free publicity.

Olympians at the London Games have all been giving 15 free condoms for the 17 days of the Games. Here’s what that means in pure numbers: 150,000 free condoms have been made available to the 10,800 athletes taking part in the London Games.

Free condoms have been provided to athletes since the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, a move endorsed by the International Olympic Committee who said it helped AIDS awareness and prevention. At the last Olympics in Beijing, organisers supplied 100,000 free condoms. This year, Olympians are getting 50 percent more.

This is the event you’re supporting and cheering, conservative sports fans?

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James R. writes:

This isn’t usually the kind of story I comment on but it occurred to me: they’re giving 15 condoms free to every Olympic athlete. Including, presumably, married athletes whose spouses are at home and thus shouldn’t have need of theirs. Including, presumably, athletes from Muslim countries who won’t be using them. Athletes who, for whatever reason, aren’t using theirs could potentially give them to their teammates who are (of course, some of those who aren’t using theirs out of principle will also not “trade” them, but presumably not everyone with no objection to condom use is using all 15 of theirs). But still at least one female athlete decided there wouldn’t be enough free condoms to service her needs, so she made the effort to buy and smuggle in a whole bucketful of additional condoms.

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