The Bushites’ Continuing Big Lie about our “success” in Iraq

Obama in his speech today points to Iraq as an example of the advance of democracy in the Mideast. As Paul K. points out in the previous entry, this “sounds like a classic ‘Bushism.’ We have tens of thousands of troops in Iraq keeping a lid on that society and yet pronounce it a successful democracy.”

For a remarkable example of the Bushites’ Big Lie, see Tony Blankley’s column from last month, “U.S. Presence a Must in Iraq.” He starts off saying that “we now have moved tantalizingly close to genuine success” in Iraq. Then he says that U.S. troops must remain there because the Iraqi military is not yet capable of defending the country and maintaining security and because if U.S. forces leave, Arabs and Kurds will immediately start fighting each other. And when will the Iraqi army be capable of defending the country and maintaining security? And when will Arabs and Kurds not fight in the absence of U.S. forces separating them? So we’re not tantalizingly close to success, are we? We’re not anywhere close to success. Yet many Bushites do not even use Blankley’s dishonest qualifier, “tantalizingly close” to success. They celebrate Iraq as a success, period, even as they urgently demand that we keep our troops there because in the absence of our troops all hell will break loose. They are without conscience.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 19, 2011 03:11 PM | Send

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