Two more whites pay the white man’s tax

A young white couple out for a nighttime walk in a city park in Tulsa, Oklahoma were robbed and then murdered execution-style by two black men who have confessed the crime. Nicholas Stix reports:

Police now say the victims, Ethan Nichols, 21, and his girlfriend, 18-year old ORU [Oral Roberts University] freshman Carissa Horton arrived at Hicks Park near 41st and Mingo around 9:30 p.m. on Sunday the 18th. Police believe the couple was walking around the trail when they were ambushed.

Police think Darren Price, 19, and Jerard Davis, 21, ambushed the couple to rob them, made them get on their knees and shot them execution style. Police say the suspects then ran off, discarding the couple’s belongings along the way.

“Walking around the trail” in a park at 9:30 at night in a city with a 16 percent black population. Presumably no one in their world told them that this might be dangerous, because that would mean talking about black violence.

One of the suspects returned to the crime and talked to a reporter. The interview is on video. A few hours later he was arrested while driving Ethan Nichols’s car.

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