How Australia is planning for a Muslim terrorist attack: it is advising citizens on how to report even minor anti-Muslim incidents to the police

Aditya B. writes:

This is turning out to be a crazy week.

We have poor Rhea Page traumatized by Muslim savages. Then the incidents of out of control wildings you reported.

Now this, from the Herald-Sun in Australia: “Under the Muslim Emergency Management Plan, backed by the state and federal governments, Victorians will be given advice on how to react to anti-Muslim incidents, even if they are considered minor.”

“Even if minor.” That chills the marrow of my bones. This is practically begging obstreperous Muslims to utilize State machinery to exact vengeance for slights, real and imagined, against their white neighbors.

Jihad Watch has a few words to say about it. Nothing new or original, though. Everybody knows that there hasn’t been any campaign of violence against Muslims. Everyone knows that our Western leaders have willingly embraced dhimmitude.

The War is over. We have lost. Our military and economic might is useless, and could even be a liability, if we don’t know how to use it properly. Instead of keeping Muslims out, we are letting them in by the boatload. Instead of forcing them to conform to our norms, we are adopting their norms.

Anyone who speaks out against this will be hauled up before some Commissar of the State and put behind bars or in a straightjacket.

I don’t see how our side could possibly prevail. None of these incidents seem to affect the native population as much as it affects me. I’m just a foreigner. Ultimately, the natives are the custodians of their society. And they have stopped caring. At the same time, they have relegated men such as yourself, who can actually fight for their society, to the fringe and they continue to marginalize you.

Perhaps these people deserve this. Perhaps this is the wages of their sin.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 07, 2011 04:16 PM | Send

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