Obama at 39 percent

Since I’ve often mocked Republicans’ obsession with President Obama’s forever dropping-like-a-stone approval rating which never seems to get below 43 or 42 percent, I have to make a momentary exception to my pledge not to pay attention to his polls until 2012. Gallup’s tracking poll shows Obama at a week-long average of 40 percent approval including a three day period of 39 percent. That, FINALLY, is something new, and worth reporting as news. All those other reports and fervent Republican exclamations over the last year (“Obama hits new low!”, etc.) were not news, but olds; they were also not true, but false.

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Greg W. writes:

If you scroll down the chart at this link, Gallup shows an 81 percent approval rating from blacks.

People argue that blacks voted for Obama because he’s black, which is undoubtedly true. But because blacks already vote overwhelmingly (like 90 percent) towards the Democrats, it’s difficult to quantify. They’re going to vote for the Democrat no matter who it is.

But, what this polling shows is that they really did vote primarily because he’s black, otherwise, Obama would not hold an 81 percent approval rating from blacks, while the rest of the country holding around half of that.

For what possible reason would blacks approve of Obama at twice the rate as the other races?

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