Hatefact: Different peoples will form different kinds of societies

Henry S. writes:

Huffington Post has a story on looting in Brooklyn and especially Coney Island in the aftermath of the hurricane.

As a contrast, consider this story, from when I lived in a remote part of upstate New York. This area had a lot of farm stands during the growing season. Sometimes the farm stands were left unattended and customers would help themselves to the produce. They paid via the honor system. I asked someone who ran a farm stand how it worked out. She told me she rarely was shortchanged—in fact, most of the time people left more money than was asked for.

Upstate New York.

South Brooklyn.

What could the difference be?

I used to read websites like Instapundit and Althouse, thinking they were conservative. They keep pushing libertarian garbage, blaming lawlessness on over-regulation. Of course they make good points about over-regulation. But blaming looting on over-regulation, while ignoring the real reason for the looting, is a form of insanity.

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