Dutch police, after years of ignoring Muslim crime against the Dutch, crack down on the Dutch for threatening Muslims

The Dutch blogger “Snouck Hurgronje” quotes from my 2004 article at FrontPage Magazine, “How to Oppose Liberal Intolerance,” culminating in this:

In order for the desired state of equality to be attained, we, the unfairly dominant group, must be condemned, excluded, and dragged down, while the Other must be celebrated, included, and raised up.

Then he continues:

In Europe today this means that the police are contemplating cracking down on the local citizenry which is getting restless as a result of its suffering at the hands of Muslim criminals.

Dutch newspaper “De Pers” published an interview with East Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Oost) police district chief Ad Smit. After giving many examples of the knowledge of ethnic differences that is required to police a multicultural cauldron like East Amsterdam, the district chief speaks some chilling words, intended perhaps to appease those higher up in the police and political hierarchies:

In neighbourhood meetings people mention “Moroccan-C**ts”. It is called out in the streets, at Moroccans. Also during disturbances. That bystanders call: if you do not act, we will act, but differently, with baseball bats. I have heard it with my own ears. We (the police) do not accept that, this is taking the law in one’s own hands. So far we have managed to contain it, end it. At the beginning of this year I reported to the Chiefs of the Amsterdam Police that the reaction of ethnic Dutchmen against Moroccans is fierce, something must be done. We have strongly intervened. We arrested dozens of muggers. We—especially the community policemen—are paying special attention to make sure whether the ethnic Dutch are getting out of hand. When the cause is taken away, the anger ebbs away as well.

The interviewer asks: “So people limit themselves to nagging and calling names?”

They still do [emphasis mine]. One has got to have a serious demeanor. One has to exude that one will not choose the side of Dutch ethnics if such words are used. And that force will be used if things go too far.

If the moment comes that fists are clenched, the moment that people will organise against certain population groups, then things are getting out of hand and I will use force. If I as a Police Chief would know that a group [of ethnics] is organizing to get at another group [of ethnics] I will have the whole lot arrested.

As long as I have the power I will resist with all my strength. It is an incredibly dangerous matter. I think it is easy if one is not doing well—and today many marginalized people are being marginalized even more—to have a go at the Other. Midway through the last century, we’ve had a very bad example of that.

The double standard is that ethnic Dutchmen have been exposed to Moroccan and other Muslim crime for 30 year or longer. The police have refused to protect society during that period. The police could not be bothered and the percentage of reported crimes solved fell to 15 percent. Now that the ethnic Dutch are so provoked that they are stirring and preparing to counter the actions of the Muslim community, all of a sudden the police CAN be bothered to crack down on those who take the law into their own hands. This is liberal Police Chief Ad Visser’s double standard.

Now, after 30 years the failures of Liberalism and its offspring, the Multicultural society, become heavy. The native Dutchmen are getting restless. The authorities are looking at each other for encouragement and support. They want to tell the others in their class that they stand ready to crush unrest and dissent. Their rule will survive despite any challenge.

Another translation of the interview with Ad Smit was made by Esther of Islam in Europe—she has a different and perhaps more liberal angle.

[end of Snouck’s post]

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