The liberal narrative crashes up against a reality that won’t yield to it

Check out this amazing brief video clip at GoV. A female reporter from the Murdoch-controlled Sky News asks a young long-haired businessman—not exactly your typical BNP member—how he was affected by the riots the previous night. He says he heard that one of his stores had been raided. He went there and “there were one hundred, two hundred black dudes in hoodies and stuff, just rampaging every shop…” No sooner are those words out that the reporter asks, “You’re not being stereotypical there? Are you sure that they were black? I’m sure that they weren’t all black.” After this goes back and forth one or two more times the young man “gets” the narrative the reporter is trying to force on him and calls her on it: “Ok, then, you need me to say that they weren’t all black. I was the white guy there.” She: “Well, there probably were other white guys there.” He: “I didn’t see any.”

Never has it been made so clear that liberals cannot endure, cannot allow, any fact that contradicts their ideology, especially the core of their ideology, which is anti-whiteness and pro-blackness.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at August 13, 2011 05:52 PM | Send

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