ABC still going after Obama-god

Unbelievable. A mainstream liberal news organization is actually hunting out logical and factual contradictions in the glowing liberal rhetoric of a glowing liberal presidential candidate.

Here is the headline of the story by Brian Ross and Avni Patel at ABC (which I believe first uncovered the anti-white Wright videos last week):

Buried in Eloquence, Obama Contradictions About Pastor

In Speech, Obama Contradicted More Than a Year of Denials About His Knowledge of Rev. Wright’s Sermons

l’ll have more to say on this as soon as I have a chance to read the article.

UPDATE: When I saw the ABC headline it made me think the story would go into depth on the contradictions between Obama’s eloquent rhetoric and his real positions. But the story does not do that, and “contradictions” is too fancy a term for what the article reveals about Obama’s statements. The better word is “lies.” The man is a major liar, who for a year denied having heard Wright’s troublesome remarks, and now admits having heard them. That’s the main thrust of the story. Beyond that, which the story does not go into, he not only now admits having heard Wright’s incendiary statements but he justifies them.

So Obama is not just reversing his particular false statements about Wright; he’s reversing the central theme of his candidacy, from “I will take America beyond-race” to “Blacks are angry at white America, and they are justified in being angry, and this anger is not going to go away until whites honestly face the black anger and admit their responsibility for it and then … and then …” And then what? Does Obama himself have any idea what whites must do to make things racially “right” in America—other, of course, than elect him president?

For all his quickwittedness and poise, the man is an empty suit, a trickster, the latest incarnation of the young black con artist in Six Degrees of Separation who ingratiated himself with an upper class white couple by claiming to be the son of Sidney Poitier, the type of the benevolent, nice, unthreatening Negro. But now that Obama says that blacks are justified in harboring Jeremiah Wright-type hatred of America until whites perform some tremendous act of expation to make things “right,” an act so tremendous that Obama himself cannot conceive of what it is, Obama has just delineated an America characterized by endless black rage and endless white guilt accompanied by pathetic efforts by the whites to assuage the black rage. He has thus shattered the central rationale of his campaign, which is that he will bring racial harmony to America. Obama brings not peace but a sword.

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