Cataloging Muslim outrages is necessary, but not sufficient

After receiving an article by Daniel Pipes about a U.S. Muslim who leveled a damaging charge of anti-Muslim desecration against and a used book seller over an anti-Muslim phrase that the complainer said he had found hand-written in a used copy (!) of the Koran purchased through Amazon, I sent Mr. Pipes this e-mail:

Stories like this need to be covered, but the problem is, we can keep writing about these things forever and it will make no essential difference. The curse of having these fanatics in our face will continue. If we don’t want ourselves and all the generations that come after us to have to keep dealing with this stuff, there’s only one answer: initiate a net out-migration of Muslims from the U.S and the West, year after year, until the numbers of those that remain are tiny, their Muslim identity weak, and their power non-existent.

You, Mr. Pipes, want to manage the Muslim problem, a job that will never end and that leaves them in our face, forever. I and the people who think like me want to solve the Muslim problem.

Join us!


Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 20, 2005 05:53 PM | Send

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