Will on illegal immigration

For many years I have regarded George Will as beneath contempt, beneath consideration, and have ignored him. But I couldn’t help but notice this story the other day which reminded me why I regard him as beneath consideration. It is a Daily Caller story, linked at Lucianne, which said, “George Will: Hofstra presidential debate ‘immeasurably the best’ in American history.” That drew my attention, so I began reading. It tells how Will in a TV discusssion had praised the way both candidates were aggressive. He said that he’s seen every single presidential debate since 1960 and this was the best. That wasn’t what confirmed Will’s beneath-contemptibility. This was:

“I think the president’s tactical victory was on trying to get Mitt Romney to un-ring a bell, which is very hard to do,” Will continued. “First was on self-deportation and immigration. Mitt Romney probably gained some ground with Hispanics by stressing something by which they’re very unhappy—the president’s failure to come up with immigration reform. But the self-deportation phrase that Mitt Romney used during the primary is hard to get out from under.”

So according to Will, for Romney merely to advocate attrition—meaning that the laws against illegal aliens working in the US. should be enforced, so that illegals will not be able to find work here and will voluntarily depart for their home country without having to be rounded up and deported—is such an extreme, impermissible position that there is no way he can politically recover from it.

To Will, the most moderate position against illegal immigration is beyond the pale.

And this impenenetrably smug, superior-to-everything man is still called and still calls himself a conservative.

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