The battle and the war

I’ve gotten behind in following the Sotomayor hearings, but what I’ve been picking up is heartening. The Republican senators didn’t yield to the threats from the media that if they asked Sotomayor tough questions, Hispanics would turn against them. They kept holding her feet to the fire and forced her to deal, over and over, with her extremely objectionable past statements. There were some strong opposition witnesses including Linda Chavez who made it clear that Sotomayor stands for a minority group rights America. And I’m told that Frank Ricci made a strong appearance, explaining the fireman captain’s exam, how the questions it asked were directly relevant to the expertise a captain would need. My sense is that, even if Sotomayor is confirmed (which she definitely will be, now that three Republican senators have said they will vote to confirm), conservatives recognize what she represents and will continue to fight against it. This is especially encouraging to me because opposition to minority quotas, which used to be a key conservative issue, had fallen by the wayside in recent years (translation: the Bush years).

Posted by Lawrence Auster at July 17, 2009 08:09 PM | Send

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