Remember the Democratic Party’s embrace of Occupy Wall Street? Now the AP tells us it never happened.

Now that Occupy Wall Street has descended into disruption and violence and public opinion has turned solidly against it, the AP is trying to drop into the memory hole the Democratic Party’s fulsome support for the Occupy movement. Here’s the beginning of Beth Fouthy’s Orwellian November 17 AP article, which is linked and discussed by John Nolte at Big Journalism:

Democrats see minefield in Occupy protests

NEW YORK (AP)—The Republican Party and the tea party seemed to be a natural political pairing. But what may have seemed like another politically beneficial alliance—Democrats and Occupy Wall Street—hasn’t happened.

Although both Democrats and the Occupy protesters have similar views on economic inequality and corporate responsibility, each holds the other at arm’s length. There’s little benefit to Democrats in opening their arms wide to a scruffy group that has erupted in violence, defied police and shown evidence of drug use while camping in public parks across the country—much as the prospect of such a pairing delights Republicans.

“There’s little benefit to Democrats in opening their arms wide to a scruffy group…” Hah. The Democrats and the AP may feel that way now, but they sure didn’t feel that way during the previous two months, when the entire Democratic Party proudly and eagerly married itself to the occupiers, seeing the Occupy movement as the ticket to reversing recent leftist setbacks and putting the left back in the saddle in domestic and even international politics.

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