Protests spread to Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India

The Karachi News (via reports:

ISLAMABAD: Hundreds of activists took to the streets on Friday as the protests over desecration of Holy Quran at the Nato military base in Afghanistan spread to Malaysia, Indonesia and India. Holding banners inscribed with several anti-US slogans including ‘Damn You US Army’, and ‘Quran Our Soul, You Burnt Our Soul’…

A couple of copies of the Koran in the prison library of the U.S. military base in Bagram, Afghanistan are just—you know—a couple of books. How can the inadvertent disposal of a couple of books have “burnt the soul” of Muslims in Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, and all around the world?

I’ve explained the operative Muslim psychology before:

[I]n the Koran, the fact that a person does not believe in Allah and his Prophet means that he is perversely and deliberately and wickedly rejecting what he knows to be the truth. He is insulting Allah and his prophet in an unbearable way that can only be made right through the punishment of death, just as a member of one tribe who has violated the honor of a member of another tribe has dishonored that tribe, and the dishonor can only be lifted by that man’s death. So all non-Muslims by their very existence as non-Muslims are delivering an unbearable insult to Allah and Muslims and are at war with Islam. This is what explains the remorseless hatred and sadistic fury that Muslims direct toward infidels and those who through particular acts insult Islam. But in the wider sense all infidels are insulters of Islam.

And this is why Muslims cannot be placated, other than through the submission of all non-Muslims to Islam. But not a single person of influence in the Western world understands this simple fact. So the Western elites keep asking, “What we can do to make the Muslims like us?”, when, in reality, there is nothing we can do to make them like us, other than let them rule us, and ultimately become Muslims ourselves.

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