Zimmerman’s “whiteness,” cont.

KO writes:

I am looking at the current Drudge Report photograph of George Zimmerman, as well as the picture above the linked CBS report, and I see a man who is manifestly not white. (The Drudge photo inadvertently and conveniently provides a “reference sample” of two actual white men, the courthouse guards.)

I expect the day the media admit that Zimmerman is not white will be the day Hell actually is.

LA replies:

From the point of view of liberals and blacks, Zimmerman is white, that is, he is culturally white, in the negative sense, because he was defending law and order and expressed strong dislike of criminals.

- end of initial entry -

Mark Jaws writes:

Some observations about who is white and who is not in Latin America. While we all know that George Zimmerman is a Mestizo of mixed European and Indian ancestry, Zimmerman may indeed classify himself as white if he were to rely on racial classification rules in many parts of Latin America, which tends to rely more on culture than genes. I have studied Latin America for years and most countries contain a white, First World elite concentrated in the major cities, a Mestizo working class, and a vast Third World indigenous class out in the boonies. If Mestizos have integrated into the First World aspects of white culture, then they usually concentrate on their whiteness and classify themselves as white. Zimmerman’s Peru is like this.

LA replies:

The question of Latin American racial classifications is interesting as a point of comparison but not particularly relevant to us. And there is no “Zimmerman’s Peru.” Zimmerman is not a Peruvian, he is an American. His mother came from Peru.

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