A demonstration of the “broken windows” theory of crime in the life of one vicious malefactor

A reader writes:

Let off again and again, the boy who was branded the most out-of-control child in Britain at age four became a rapist 19 years later:

Wesley Gordon, who has a criminal record stretching back to his youth, gained national notoriety when he was expelled for tipping custard over a dinner lady.

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Alexis Zarkov writes:

It looks like Wesley Gordon was simply born bad. His case reminds me of the Monty Python skit called the “Piranha Brothers,” where Doug, and Dinsdale Piranha were “born on probation,” and proceeded to a life of crime. The skit was loosely based on a the notorious Kray twins. I wonder if Gordon’s father was also a scrap metal dealer. Note also that Gordon’s mother blames everyone else, forgetting that she begat this monster. It’s not her fault, society is to blame. Liberalism has all but completely eviscerated the notion of personal responsibility. Liberalism will destroy civilization if we let it.

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