Is it possible for the Obama administration to go too far for the liberal media?

Mediaite—not exactly a conservative site—is condemning Biden in very strong terms for his “back in chains” remark to a black audience.

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John Dempsey writes:

From the Mediaite article:

The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein told MSNBC’s Alex Wagner that the focus on Biden’s remarks by the media and a gleeful Romney camp was merely a distraction.

“He stepped in it, obviously, rhetorically yesterday,” Stein offered obligatorily. “But we have a choice between what conversation we want to pick up off of what he said; one could have been about regulatory reform, which was the substance of what he was talking about … “

Stein chides the media for overlooking the substantive critique of financial regulatory reform that Biden was making over the crass and base invocation of American black slavery.

Chances are that the liberal media might not want to talk about the actual “substance” of Biden’s claim either. It seems that the Obama administration has not even attempted to prosecute one single Wall Street corruption case. Between the Clinton and G.W. Bush administrations there were more than 2,300 corporate fraud convictions. See this article from American Thinker. Also, there’s the fact that the investigation into the MF Global collapse, led by the corrupt Jon Corzine, which lost over a billion dollars of investors money that it “borrowed” from its investors accounts, is winding down without any charges being leveled.

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