Pipes-Auster exchange continues

To recap, I wrote an e-mail to Daniel Pipes saying that his approach to Islam, of cataloguing the bad activities of Moslem radicals and supporting the investigation and prosecution of jihadists and terror funders, while necessary, added up to managing jihad in America rather than ending it. Ending it, I said, requires that we initiate a net out-migration of Moslems from this country and from the West generally. Mr. Pipes asked me how this could be done. I then referred him back to my article, “How to Defeat Jihad in America,” in which I had presented a five part plan to do just that. Mr. Pipes then did me the honor of reading my article and summarizing my five points, adding, to my surprise, that they are not very different (with one important exception) from what he himself believes and has proposed. This required me to provide a more in-depth explanation of my plan, which is now posted at Mr. Pipes’s site. I’m encouraged that at least one reader sees the logic of what I am saying. I’m looking forward to seeing Mr. Pipes’s response.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 24, 2005 08:28 PM | Send

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