Gingrich envoi

The Mail has another article on the Gingrich and Callista follies, but I don’t see anything really new there. To me the single most amazing thing that came out at the time of his staff’s quitting, which I didn’t get around to posting last week, was that immediately after he returned from his two week Mediterranean vacation (which he had embarked on just a week after declaring his candidacy) he went to New Hampshire, and it was from New Hampshire that he had the fateful conference call with his senior staff. But guess what he was doing in New Hampshire? Campaigning? Don’t be silly. He was there to promote his wife’s documentary on John Paul II.

When I told this to a friend, he laughed and said, “The guy’s a flake.” That says it all.

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Paul K. writes:

As you said, there is little new in the Mail’s article on Newt and Callista. However, it has another wonderful photo of the object of his adoration. Furthermore, it mentions that Newt couldn’t take early-morning flights because Callista needed time to do her hair—it surely must take time to get that perfect lemon meringue look.

Newt is far from the first politician to have thrown away his career over a woman, but it’s hard to understand the spell this particular woman has cast on him. When I saw the cause of Gary Hart’s downfall, Donna Rice, I had to admit that there’s only so much temptation that a man can resist. When I saw South Carolina governor Mark Sanford’s inamorata, I could understand the appeal. But Callista? I run screaming from the room.


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