The new discrimination

Philip M. writes from England:

I have decided to find the name of this site, “View from the Right” offensive. As a left-hander it leaves me feeling excluded. Throughout history my people have faced persecution, discrimination, and even lower life expectancies (fact!) than the right handed majority. The name of your website is perpetuating the hurt and sense of being second-class citizens that my brethren and I feel every time we use a pair of scissors or a fountain pen or find the mouse on the wrong side of the keyboard.

I demand that you change the name of this site to something dextrous-inclusive, such as “View from the Left and Right,” View from the Middle” or just plain old “Views.”

I am no shakedown artist—a simple apology on your part, Mr. Auster, and a clear commitment to try to end your hurtful and offensive usage of sensitive terms should be enough….

For now.

Philip continues his protest against anti-Lefthandedism here.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at July 11, 2008 03:06 PM | Send

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