April Swanson’s children

Yesterday we reported that April Swanson, the third girlfriend of Rodrick Shonte Dantzler, whom Dantzler chased and attempted to kill shortly after killing his two white girlfriends along with their relatives, is also white. At her MySpace page, April informs us that she is single and has two sons and a daughter. Her three children are all mulattos. A reader tells me (though I don’t yet have his source) that the children were fathered by at least two different men. So April Swanson’s relationship with Dantzler, which almost cost her her life, was part of a series of relationships with black men. Indeed Dantzler and April are perfect complements of each other: just as his entire love love was with white women, her entire love life was with black men.

This page has numerous photos of her children, Devin, Karissa, and Trent.

UPDATE: In this entry as originally posted, I included two photos of April Swanson’s son Devin and made critical observations of his likely character and future based on his facial expression. As a result of the below exchange, I decided to remove those remarks and the photos, for the reasons given. Readers can still go to Swanson’s MySpace page and see the photos themselves.

Laura Wood wrote:

Your description of Devin, the son of April Swanson, is harsh. He’s wearing a deadpan expression, which is not uncommon in teenage boys. He deserves to be enraged, given his upbringing, but I wouldn’t attribute negative characteristics to him based on those photos. He looked thoughtful and withdrawn.

I replied:

My observations of people based on their physical appearance always arouse some criticism. I understand why such observations are considered objectionable, and there is something to be said for your point that Devin himself hasn’t done anything wrong. But his frozen expression, in one photo after another, struck me powerfully, and so I put into words what I saw.

Laura replied:

Yes, I understand. And I think your instincts are usually correct.

But you are publicly attributing negative traits to a child for wearing a deadpan expression. I guess it wouldn’t bother me if he was an adult.

I replied:

I hear what you’re saying, and am torn between staying with my intuitions, and deleting everything about Devin including the photos.

I continued:

I’ve decided to delete the stuff about Devin, for this reason. If he were someone in the news for doing something wrong, or if his face were just an anonymous face in some photograph that one was commenting on, that would be one thing. But he is a person with a name, a minor who has done nothing wrong. Therefore it’s not right of me to make such critical statements about him based only on his face.

- end of initial entry -

Mark Jaws writes:

There is no doubt in mind that our taxes are paying for this massive subsidizing of promiscuity. As the WW2 generation fades and even the early, Eddie-Haskell babyboomers go, these types of mulattoes and Mestizos are the new America if nothing is altered. Secession is the only answer. We are too far gone demographically for any other solution. I think our last chance was with Ronald Reagan, and he unfortunately was no racialist.

Dan R. writes:

I think by now we can cut to the chase and describe these relationships for what they are: pathologies. I have known black man / white woman couples who had reasonably healthy relationships, but I’m convinced they are exceptions to the rule. In today’s racial climate, couplings like this appear to be on the rise, as well as babies, whether produced legitimately or not, and the overriding impulse seems to be “in your face!”—on both sides of the equation. I think if this was truly a matter of love transcending racial lines we’d see a more equal proportion of white males with black females. Obviously it’s quite lopsided, and from what I read, many black women are justifiably furious over this state of affairs.

I live in a country town in Michigan where every 4th of July there’s a fireworks celebration at the fairgounds preceded by a musical act or two. This event also seems to function as “coming out time,” where the local, overweight, often blonde-haired white girls show off their black boyfriends and often one or more of their mixed offspring. One doesn’t see the father much at other times, say while walking in town. For many of these men a white girl is a notch in his belt, to be used and discarded at will. While murdering ex-girlfriends is admittedly an extreme expression of this, I think a “seed ‘em and leave ‘em” attitude is not at all unusual.

A reader referrenced in the initial entry writes:

I hinted that April Swanson has multiple baby daddies and I based that on this photo where the caption reads, “Trent’s Dad—Howard.” This suggests that there are at least two baby daddies involved. Another photo labelled “Howard’ shows him to be this DJ-X friend of hers. He is married to another woman named Stacy, is probably an aspiring rapper and claims to be in the music business, but he doesn’t seem to have made a name for himself.

Karl D. writes:

I just went over to her Myspace page and her choice of favorite movies is almost like a roadmap. Some of the films she likes, such as “Sixteen Candles,” “Pretty in Pink” and “Bridges of Madison County,” are all romantic films with all white casts she probably saw as a child. The first two were made in the 1980s. The rest are almost all black films about black thugs doing black thug-like things. I can almost see her teen years from here. Normal white girl growing up in a rather normal white community. She was probably always a little large so she didn’t have much luck with white boys. Then the first boy to pay her any attention is black. She probably lost her virginity to him (maybe he is the deadbeat father) and the rest is history. She is now completely immersed in the black community with her three mulattos in which she has found her place. I am just guessing here but I have seen this pattern play out in real life before.

Sophia A. writes:

I note with grim bemusement April Swanson’s MySpace page. Did you know that there are demonstrable race and class differences between people with MySpace and those with Facebook pages? The former is the internet white trash / black ghetto; the latter is the college-educated latte neighborhood.

Regarding white woman / black man couplings, my conclusion is that for the most part, the black male partner wishes to dominate and subjugate white, and contracting a marriage or relationship is doing so in a socially acceptable fashion. Sometimes this takes the form of appearing to conform to relatively benign old fashioned patriarchal dominance (but which in reality is covert brutality). More often, in relationships as opposed to marriages, this is open brutality. The most extreme form of the latter would be OJ.

I am very cynical about black male/white female couplings, even those that appear to be functional. And yes, black women are quite justified in being anguished over this.

Carolyn P. writes:

I wouldn’t be surprised if Swanson’s love life involved all black men, but I would be if Dantzler dated only white women. Usually, this type of black man has many black women on the string, often at the same time, provided money along with the sex.

Stephen T. writes:

As soon as I read your statement re April Swanson, “Based on her Swedish surname and Dantzler’s history, I said it was more likely than not that she was white,” I concluded it was more likely than not that she was substantially overweight as well. It wasn’t obvious from the earlier, more closely cropped photo of her, taken from a perspective slightly elevated (the photo of deceased Jennifer Heeren is also posed and shadowed in a favorable way to de-emphasize weight.) Now that I see this “wide-angle” view of Swanson, I’m totally not surprised to note her substantial girth dominating the foreground. By the height/weight tables of most insurance companies, she’s well into an “obese” rating. Maybe it has changed since I was her age and there are more exceptions today (dead white GF #1 Emkens appears to be one), but in those days it was axiomatic: Significantly overweight white girls always attract black guys. They are seen as easy targets. Everyone knew it. It was one of those things you weren’t supposed to say, but which you received visual confirmation of on a regular basis. It isn’t hard to guess at the psychology behind this.

AC writes:

Apparently, Howard, the father of one April’s multatto boys, is from Jamaica and an aspiring dancehall reggae toaster (which is similar but not the same as being a rapper). He came to America to visit, and apparently stayed to father children with the Midwestern white women he met.

To be fair, he comes across as dim, but relatively positive (“I REALLY APPRECIATE ALL PEOPLE BECAUSE WE R ALL GOD’S PEOPLE”). His Myspace list of friends consists mostly of artists’ pages for reggae, rap, and r&b stars. There at the very end of the list we find April, the mother of one of his mulatto boys, and wife Stacy, the mother of his other two. I’m going to say Stacy is not a bad looking woman. Looking at those pictures fills me with negative feelings.

It’s my perspective that feminine white and Asian women naturally respond to men who are charming, confident, dominant, masculine, muscular, emotionally resonant, and expressive. And black men often have those traits, a confidence and swagger that usually outweighs their actual accomplishments, moral goodness, or any other reason that they should feel good about themselves. So, in the modern world, when white and Asian women mix together with black males, they often find them compelling, and respond instinctively to their tropical masculinity with submission and surrender.

White and Asian women however lived for tens of thousands of years just among white and Asian men, respectively, and that’s what their systems are calibrated to. Thus white women, again and again, are shocked and feel betrayed by the level of domestic abuse, selfishness, impulsiveness, irrationality, irresponsibility, untruthfulness and lying, money sucking, sex obsession, and infidelity that black men eventually demonstrate. It’s as if white women fill in the blanks, expecting that black men generally have more masculine gravitas than white men, but, other than that, will act like the white men their grandmothers went with. Well, black men don’t—but it doesn’t all come out until later.

Many white women do not have natural defenses to enable themselves to protect themselves from black men’s attentions. For some white women, black men are like an addiction, like snorting cocaine or eating only ice cream sundaes for breakfast lunch and dinner—their body responds with immediate pleasure, even though it’s in the long term unhealthy.

I saw some website a while back where some old white left-wing activist woman with a black husband listed “the three false sterotypes” about the reasons why white women hook up with black men—(1) sex (sexual addiction, a woman making her pleasure more important than her dignity, making short term happiness more important than long term happiness), (2) political activism/guilt, and (3) the ugly duckling syndrome (a white woman can’t land the type of white guy she would like, so she dates black men). I thought to myself, that’s so perfect, she actually explained it perfectly.

I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve heard it said that one of the main aims of both much-reviled Jim Crow and Apartheid was to keep black men and white women apart. So, one of the main villains here, I believe, is the loss of spine/will/solidarity on the part of white men to maintain the color line.ln

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