The mass murdering jihadist is alive

According to an item posted at the New York Times blog 35 minutes ago (9:15 p.m.), Hasan is not dead, but wounded, and is not in danger of death.

The extremely unfortunate information comes from Lt. Gen. Robert Cone, the commandant of Fort Hood. Also, this:

Lt. Gen. Cone added that soldiers are not armed on the base: “As a matter of practice, we do not carry weapons—this is our home.”

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Mark A. writes:

Perhaps this is great news. Had he been killed, we would have listened to endless hours of cover-up from the news media. The shooting would have been attributed to the long tours and unbearable horrors faced by U.S. troops in Iraq. We may be better off having him shout “death to the infidels” on CBS news.

David B. writes:

If he’s alive, think what the trial will be like.

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