If mass Third-World immigration is so good for us , why wouldn’t it be good for … the Third World?

A reader writes to John Derbyshire at the Corner:

Mr. Derbyshire—If having large numbers of unskilled laborers on your territory is so good for your economy, and if Mallory Factor wants to help the Mexican economy (as he says he does), then wouldn’t the best way be to repatriate all those workers back into Mexico? Open borders enthusiasts speak as if it is the most wonderful thing for us to have floods of people crossing into the U.S.A. Well, then, why wouldn’t it be wonderful for Mexico if they crossed right back? Are the laws of economics different here and in Mexico? If immigration is so good for our economy, how is e-migration good for theirs?

Posted by Lawrence Auster at April 29, 2009 10:08 AM | Send

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