Two beyond-appalling acts by Obama, beyond the power of words to describe adequately

Jed Babbin’s article about the background of Obama’s respective decisions to release the Uighur terrorists—overruling the strong recommendations of his own security agenceis—and to publish the interrogation memos is tough stuff, hard to take. His conclusion:

The Obama administration’s action has given terrorists what may be a decisive advantage. If a detainee knows what to expect, his confidence cannot be shaken. He cannot be forced out of his comfort zone into doubt. And he can withhold information that may be critical to saving American lives.

As bad as things seem, remember that the election of Obama and the specific policies and attitudes of the Obama administration are in large part a reaction against Bush, who, while terrible lies were constantly told about him by the left, nevertheless had policies, a personality, and a style of leadership there were virtually designed to create fanatical hostility against him. Obama’s presidency will similarly lead to a counter-reaction.

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Mark P. writes:

It is not merely releasing terror cells into the United States that is the problem. The problem is that the media is a liberal stooge that will do whatever it can to make sure no terror attacks are reported under Obama’s watch. This means that the level of terror attack will need to be many times more effective and more dangerous to get through a media blackout. In other words, there has to be no doubt who the responsible party is.

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