DREAM Act fight reaches its climax

Paul Nachman writes:

It’s push-comes-to-shove time on the DREAM Act. If VFR readers have been thinking of calling their senators against the nightmare of DREAM, this is the time to do it. People can go to the NumbersUSA.com site for info and suggestions of what to say. When I’ve been phoning Senate offices, I’ve focused on a point that I don’t see receiving much emphasis. Here’s the script I follow:

No matter what blather its proponents spout, the DREAM Act is another mass amnesty for illegal aliens. The first amnesty was in 1986, the IRCA amnesty. About 2.7 million people were legalized. It was promised to us as a one-time winking at the law, never to be repeated. In return for accepting amnesty, we were promised enforcement going forward. But they never delivered on the enforcement. AND … there have actually been six amnesties since IRCA, adding up to more illegal aliens legalized than in IRCA itself. Yet after all that, we have more illegal aliens in the country than ever.

About two million people would be eligible for the DREAM Act amnesty, and once they have legal status, their illegal-alien parents who brought them here would be on the road to legal status. So the effective size of the DREAM Act amnesty would be larger still.

That’s the history, and those are facts about the DREAM Act that are most important to us citizens. So why would we do it again?

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 07, 2010 11:30 AM | Send

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