LGF in a nutshell

In August 2010 Dean Ericson wrote at VFR the below satire on Little Green Footballs, which reads not like a satire but a direct quotation from that website:

[Charles] Johnson runs one of the dumbest sites on the web. He and his group-think mini-minions are incapable of making or following reasoned arguments. Here’s Johnson’s site in a nutshell:

Johnson: “He’s a racist!”

Commenter 1: Yeah, and a bigot!”

Commenter 2: “I hate racist bigots!”

Commenter 3: “Are you sure he’s a racist?”

Johnson: “What the hell?”

Commenter 3: “Uh, well, the charge of bigotry is too often expressed in terms of a sophisticated, liberal-thinking elite trying to rein in the emotional and illogical unwashed masses. I mean, there’s not such a simple ideological, racial, or religious divide between a monolithic “us” and “them.” It seems we’ve devolved to the point where promiscuously crying “Bigot!” and “Racist!” only means you’ve failed to convince people of the merits of an argument.”

Johnson: “Get off my site you racist scum!”

Commenter 1: Holy crappola, can you believe that bigot?”

Commenter 2: “I hate racist bigots!”

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